Current Works

My ongoing researches covers robotics, embedded system, AI development, IOT system development and API development for hardware-software integration etc.

Here is a brief of my current works:

  • A machine learning approach for acquisition of IK parameter of a Multi-DOF robotic arm.
    Till now we have been able to capture a real-time frame of a robotic arm and extract the features and present it as a digital version. With the data in hand further works are being done to create an adaptive algorithm to control any manipulator without any pre-defined kinematics parameters. Currently an IK based iterative solution has been applied. It will be further developed to work with IP based system.  


  • Development of self-balanced two wheeler with reinforcement learning.
  • Autonomous quadcopter trajectory follower:
    A machine learning based approach has been made to develop an autonomous multicopter navigation system. It utilizes computer vision to perform the task. The manuscript has been prepared for publication.
  • Responsive robot: An enhanced natural response from robot by analyzing speech emotions.
  • IOT based weather sensing. (Completed)
  • Structural health monitoring.